April 2024

April 4, 2024

Environmental Services Spreads Awareness about the Los Angeles Urban Forestry Management Plan

Throughout the month of February, KYCC Environmental Services partnered with the County and City of Los Angeles in support of the outreach efforts for the Los Angeles Urban Forestry Management Plan (LAUFMP). Read more

Community News

Third Annual Unwind Your Mind Koreatown Youth Summit

On Friday, April 19th, KYCC will be hosting its 3rd Annual Koreatown Youth Summit, Unwind Your Mind at LACDMH from 4 P.M.-8 P.M. (510 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020). This free event is to provide a safe space for high school students to unite and learn about wellness by participating in different self-care activities and workshops that they can implement in their daily lives.

Ktown Beautiful Cleanup

Join KYCC this April as we come together for three Ktown Beautiful cleanup events! ☀️🏙️ We look forward to working alongside our community as we roll up our sleeves and show our neighborhood streets some love and care 🧡

JM Eagle LA Championship at Wilshire Country Club

KYCC is proud to share that the JM Eagle LA Championship presented by Plastpro is taking place at the historic Wilshire Country Club in the heart of Hollywood from April 25-28. Since 2018, the LPGA Tour has staged its premiere Los Angeles LPGA event at Wilshire Country Club and is one of the select few venues to host events on the LPGA Tour, PGA TOUR and PGA TOUR Champions. Tickets for the @jmeaglelachamp and more information is available at www.jmeaglelachampionship.com.

April is

10 facts about child abuse

1. Child abuse happens in every part of society.

2. Children are usually victimized by someone they know.

3. Children rarely tell someone they are being abused.

4. It is extremely rare for a child to lie about sexual abuse.

5. Medical evidence is rarely discovered after a child discloses sexual abuse.

6. While all types of abuse are possible in the home, child neglect is more common than sexual abuse.

7. Children who are sexually abused are not destined to continue the cycle of abuse as adults.

8. Men and women are both capable of sexual abuse.

9. Boys and girls react in similar ways to sexual abuse.

10.Children with disabilities are more likely to become victims of abuse than children without disabilities.

 Wear blue this month in honor of supporting Child Abuse Prevention!

Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) month weekly webinars for the month of April provided by CDSS:

2024 Cap Month Webinar Series

Stress Awareness Month

Please feel free to take this stress screener test. Then commit to doing one thing to better manage your stress.

Rare Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

Admin will have a few glasses in order to view the eclipse while supplies last.

Earth Day April 22

Things to do for Earth Day

KYCC Macarthur Park Beautification Event

KYCC Volunteer Page

LA Sanitation Earth Day Festival

LACSD Earth Day Events

Friends of the LA River (SF Valley event)

Rediscover Mid-City

Admin Professionals Day April 24

Sustainability Committee Corner

Thank you for participating in our sustainability game during the March All Staff Meeting! Our winners were Melanie (PE), Yancy (PE), and Jamila (CED). Winners: If you haven’t done so already, please go visit Lisa at KOA for your prize!  

Want to test how much you remember from our competition? Take LA City Sanitation’s Quiz! You can also learn about how to recycle based on what city you’re in by checking out the Recycle by City Guide. Lastly, here’s a handy tool to help you remember what items go in each bin, which you can also find on LA City’s “How to Recycle”

Birthdays and Anniversaries


  • April 3 – Esther Shin
  • April 3 – Ernie Yoshikawa
  • April 4 – Jorge Sanchez
  • April 7 – Dilan Askew
  • April 7 – Arlene Rodriguez
  • April 9 – G Blades
  • April 10 – Miguel Lopez
  • April 10 – Christopher Perales
  • April 11 – Martin Kim
  • April 21 – Lisbette Armenta
  • April 22 – Alexa Kim
  • April 25 – Moa Kim
  • April 27 – Oscar Guardado Campos
  • May 2 – Albert Rodriguez
  • May 5 – Eric Ji
  • May 6 – Liz Kim
  • May 6 – Camilo Morales
  • May 9 – Santos Gutierrez
  • May 13 – Jade Frank
  • May 17 – Dwayne Reed Jr
  • May 22 – Liliana Dominguez
  • May 22 – Jovan Rodriguez
  • May 28 – Joseph Rodriguez
  • May 29 – Marlene Martinez Perez

Work Anniversaries

  • April 3 – 1 year – Sehwa Yoon
  • April 4 – 1 year – Stephanie Kim
  • April 5 – 3 years – Gloria Figueroa
  • April 11 – 1 year – Brenda Cortes
  • April 14 – 2 years – Dilan Askew
  • April 15 – 3 years – Shawn Kuk
  • April 16 – 17 years – Joe St. John
  • April 26 – 7 years – Jenni Kuida
  • April 27 – 4 years – Evelyn Balderas
  • May 1 – 1 year – Taylor Lee
  • May 2 – 2 years – Jacqueline Garay
  • May 2 – 2 years – Jasmine Kim
  • May 3 – 2 years – Arlene Rodriguez
  • May 3 – 1 year – Christopher Perales
  • May 5 – 1 year – Jennifer Baltazar
  • May 6 – 28 years – Jose Pantoja
  • May 7 – 6 years – Jorge Sanchez
  • May 8 – 1 year – Esther Shin
  • May 8 – 1 year – Daniela Flores
  • May 12 – 7 years – Eric Ji
  • May 15 – 5 years – Haidee Gutierrez-Diaz
  • May 21 – 6 years – Presilla Kim
  • May 23 – 2 years – Omar Amador
  • May 23 – 2 years – Lisbette Armenta
  • May 23 – 2 years – Hannah Joo
  • May 31 – 2 years – Brandon Gix
  • May 31 – 2 years – Ethan Gourlay

The leap

In action movies, there’s a lot of leaping. Brave shifts in which the hero gets from here to there, all at once.

It’s easy to imagine that sudden leaps are how we make our impact.

This is blog post #9000 (give or take).

When did the leap happen?

It wasn’t an external leap. The first hundred blog posts were read by fewer than a dozen people.

It was an internal one. The decision to be a blogger. And then redeciding, each day, not to stop.

Every four years, we have a worldwide holiday to celebrate this sort of leap. The leap of choice. Not to suddenly get from here to there, but to choose to go on the journey.

It’s only once every 1,460 days, you can do it.

Leap today. 

Perhaps we begin by visualizing it. In the most concrete terms you can find, write it down. If you took a leap today, what would it look like? Who would benefit?

And then, share it with just one other person.

Often, the act of physically writing it down is the most difficult part.

–          Seth’s Blog