June 2021

June 28, 2021

What’s New

KYCC Honored as a 2021 Nonprofit of the Year by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago and CalNonprofits

KYCC is proud to announce it has been selected as a 2021 California Nonprofit of the Year by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago of the 53rd Assembly District. KYCC is one of more than one hundred nonprofits that will be honored by their state senators and assemblymembers for their tremendous contributions to the communities they serve. Read more

Clinical Services Launches New COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline

Our Clinical Services team has launched a new COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline for anyone struggling with stress and anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Kaiser Family Foundation has found pandemic-related stress has negatively affected mental health for about half of American adults. Read more

KYCC Awarded $300,000 Grant from Eisner Foundation

With the generous support of The Eisner Foundation, KYCC has been integrating intergenerational strategies into our services to connect community members across the age spectrum since 2017. The Eisner Foundation identifies, advocates for, and invests in high-quality and innovative programs that unite multiple generations. Read more

Community News

COVID-19 Public Education Campaign

The HHS COVID-19 public education campaign is a national initiative to increase public confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines while reinforcing basic prevention measures such as mask wearing and social distancing.

Read more

Help City Plants Win $100k to Grow the Commonwealth Nursery – Vote Today!

Commonwealth Nursery is a public-private partnership with the LA Conservation Corps to grow climate and community resilience in Los Angeles. Located on a historic 11-acre site in Griffith Park managed by the Dept. of Recreation and Parks with the support of the LA Parks Foundation, the tree nursery serves as an urban ecological laboratory and training grounds to support LA’s Green New Deal.

Help us make this vision a reality. 

Public voting begins today — It only takes five minutes! 

All U.S. residents 14 and older can vote.

Vote now

June is Pride Month 2021

·         On June 28, 1969 in New York City, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club in Greenwich Village, which resulted in bar patrons, staff, and neighborhood residents rioting onto Christopher Street outside. Among the many leaders of the riots was a black, trans, bisexual woman, Marsha P. Johnson, leading the movement to continue over six days with protests and clashes. The message was clear — protestors demanded the establishment of places where LGBT+ people could go and be open about their sexual orientation without fear of arrest.

·         Pride Month is largely credited as being started by bisexual activist Brenda Howard. Known as ‘The Mother of Pride,’ Brenda organized Gay Pride Week and the Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade a year after the Stonewall Riots. This eventually morphed into what we now know as the New York City Pride March and was the catalyst for the formation of similar parades and marches across the world.

·         The rainbow flag was designed by Gilbert Baker at the request of Harvey Milk, a San Francisco politician and gay rights advocate, to encompass a symbol that could be taken to San Francisco Pride March in 1978.  Sadly, Harvey Milk was killed before the March but the flag is a symbol of solidarity and pride.

·         Bill Clinton was the first U.S. President to officially recognize Pride Month in 1999 and 2000. 

·         From 2009 to 2016, Barack Obama declared June LGBT Pride Month.


1.   Rep your flag!

Grab a rainbow, bi, lesbian, pan, ace, or any other flag of your preference and wave it with pride! Each of the rainbow flag’s original eight colors has a meaning: 

pink for sex

red for life

orange for healing

yellow for sun

green for nature

turquoise for magic

blue for peace

purple for spirit. 

Be as creative as you like to show your support.

2.   Join in a pride parade

Run, walk, skip, or dance in a pride parade. You don’t need to identify as LGBTQ+ to attend a pride march. Everyone is welcome to show their support for gay rights and equality for all, so check out what’s happening in your community and go join in the fun!

3.   Enlighten Yourself

Watch a movie that will give you more insight and understanding of the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community. 

·         “Milk” starring Sean Penn is a movie about the life of the first openly gay politician, Harvey Milk.

·         “Suited” Documentary on HBO

·         “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson” on Netflix

·         “The Danish Girl” on Prime video and YouTube

·         “Moonlight” on Hulu, Prime video, and YouTube

·         “Pose” on FX TV series


52% – the percentage of LGBTQ people who’ve experienced depression recently.

1 in 8 – the number of LGBTQ people who have experienced unequal treatment from healthcare staff.

46% – the percentage of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people who are open about their sexual orientation with their family.

4.1% – the estimated percentage of women who identify as LGBT.

350,000 – the number of people in the LGBTQ community that are transgender women.

1 in 5 – the number of LGBTQ women living in poverty.

43% – the percentage of LGBTQ employees who haven’t revealed their orientation at work.

50% – the percentage of LGBTQ workers who recently got federal protection from discrimination.

10% – the amount of time LGBT workers spend hiding their identities. 

<$12,000 – the annual income earned by 22% of LGBTQ people.

National Aquarium Month

June is National Aquarium Month.  Rediscover your love for aquatic animal life.  Here are 5 Southern California Aquariums:

Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach – M-Thurs 9a.m.-6p.m.; Fri- Sun 9a.m. – 8p.m.

Adults- $36.95; Kids $26.95 (You must buy tickets in advance online).

Heal The Bay Aquarium

Santa Monica – Sat-Sun 12p.m.-4p.m.

Adults- $10; Kids free w/adult purchase (can be purchased in advance)

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

San Pedro – Wed – Sun 12p.m.-5p.m.

Suggested donation Adults- $7; Kids $3

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography

San Diego – Open Daily 9a.m.-4:30p.m. thru June; 9a.m.-6.p.m. July thru August

Adults- $19.50; Kids- $15

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center

Santa Barbara – Wed-Sunday 10a.m.-4p.m.

Adults- $10; Kids $7

Philippines Independence Day

Independence of the Philippines was a mighty feat. On independence day, the sacrifices of the national heroes are remembered, the country’s sovereignty is appreciated, instilling nationalism in the citizens, as well as celebrating the culture and tradition of its people.

Parades are held nationwide, with participation from the government, and the citizens. As it is a national holiday, businesses, offices, and schools are closed, and families spend the day in parks, and doing other celebratory activities. Filipino communities abroad also celebrate with programs, and annual parades.


Juneteenth June 19

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden signed legislation to make Juneteenth a National Holiday, this action was effective immediately.

The video below gives a brief history of Juneteenth.

“As provided by National Juneteenth  Christian Leadership Council, Dr. Charles Taylor”


J — Juneteenth represents the joy of freedom–the chance for a new beginning.

U — Unless we expose the truth about the African-American slave experience, Americans won’t be truly free.

N — Never must we forget our ancestors’ endurance of one of the worst slave experiences in human history.

E — Every American has benefitted from the wealth blacks created through over 200 years of free labor and Juneteenth allows us to acknowledge that debt.

T — To encourage every former slave-holding state to follow Texas’ (and Oklahoma’s) example and make Juneteenth a state holiday.

E — Every day in America, blacks are reminded of the legacy of slavery. Juneteenth counters that by reminding us of the promise of deliverance. 

E — Even on the journey to discover who we are, Juneteenth allows us to reflect on where we’ve been, where we’re at and where we’re going as a people. 

— Never give up hope is the legacy our enslaved ancestors left. It was this legacy that produced black heroism in the Civil War and helped launch the modern civil rights era. It is this legacy we celebrate.

T — To proclaim for all the world to hear, that human rights must never again become subservient to property rights.

H — History books have only told a small part of the story; Juneteenth gives us a chance to set the record straight.

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Sunglasses Day Friday, July 2

1.   Send a selfie to Moon with your coolest shades!

2.   All staff will vote!

3.   The 2 pictures with the most votes will win a prize.

Data Corner

Birthdays and KYCC Anniversaries


  • May 2 – Albert Rodriguez
  • May 4 – Eric Chung
  • May 5 – Eric Ji
  • May 6 – Liz Kim
  • May 9 – Santos Gutierrez
  • May 10 – Luz Favela
  • May 15 – Jun Hwang
  • May 20 – Martin Gonzalez
  • May 22 – Marcella Lively
  • May 22 – Jovan Rodriguez
  • May 27 – Javier Osorio
  • May 29 – Lydia Lising
  • June 1 – Elly Kim
  • June 6 – Joe St. John
  • June 6 – Nedette Cuerno
  • June 11 – Sarah Lee
  • June 14 – Mark Jang
  • June 17 – Anabel Torres
  • June 22 – Rick Kim
  • June 24 – HaRi Kim
  • June 24 – Sara Kim
  • June 25 – Yun Pak
  • June 27 – Margarita Munoz

Work Anniversaries

  • May 1 – 4 years – Louis Pineda
  • May 7 – 3 years – Jorge Sanchez
  • May 8 – 25 years – Jose Pantoja
  • May 12 – 1 year – Mija Lee
  • May 15 – 2 years – Haidee Gutierrez-Diaz
  • May 20 – 2 years – Karin Wolfe
  • May 20 – 1 year – Renata Pastrana
  • May 21 – 3 years – Presilla Kim
  • May 26 – 1 year – Brenda Reynosa
  • May 29 – 3 years – Martin Gonzalez
  • May 30 – 4 years – Eric Ji
  • June 2 – 1 year – Gabriel Campos
  • June 4 – 3 years – Hiroko Makiyama
  • June 10 – 2 years – Julia Uribe
  • June 11 – 2 year – Karen Lee
  • June 15 – 1 year – Ariel Williams-Lewis
  • June 16 – 7 years – Gennesis Jerez
  • June 16 – 4 years – Elly Kim
  • June 16 – 3 years – Ronald Aquino
  • June 19 – 2 years – Carolyn Kwak
  • June 20 – 5 years – G Blades
  • June 24 – 2 years – Gina Ahn
  • June 24 – 19 years – Rick Kim

Did you know

Did you know…

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When Proofpoint is uncertain whether an email is spam it will separate it and send you a quarantine message.

You can block the message and sender, or preview it safely in quarantine.

Or you can release it from quarantine and into your inbox, or even release it and approve the sender so they bypass the quarantine next time.

You can also sign into your account and see your blocked sender and approved sender lists. Some of it is hard to read but it’s there for you.

Now you know!

In Control

Is this a want or a need?

Honking at traffic serves no purpose other than to express a need to control the uncontrollable.

Glaring at the person with 17 items in the express lane at the grocery store will not change their behavior.

Why do we work so hard to try to capture control over things that are clearly not in our control?

And what would happen if we stopped trying and worked on the things we can influence instead?

–          Seth’s Blog