Petty Cash Policies and Procedures


Petty cash custodians will keep a petty cash box not to exceed $250. Petty cash will be primarily used for office supplies, snacks, delivery tips, and other minor expenses. Petty cash will be kept in a secure location. Keys to the cash box and/or location should be kept on the custodian’s person.


  1. Petty cash custodians will be given $250 to be kept in a securely located cash box.
  2. When cash is used, a record will be kept by filling out and storing the Petty Cash Voucher form, and attaching backup documentation.
  3. Generally, petty cash should not be used for payments over $30.
  4. When cash drops below $50, the custodian will submit a check request through PaperSave, which will be approved by a manager and director. The check request will include an itemized list of all expenses, as well as scanned images of all Petty Cash Voucher forms and receipts.
  5. Physical copies of all receipts and vouchers will be deposited in the Paper Receipt Archive at each respective site.
  6. A check will be cut in the amount of claimed expenses to bring the petty cash balance back to $250. The check can be made out to and cashed by either the petty cash custodian or a representative in the Fiscal Office.

Updated: February 2016