Payment Requisition Guide

There are four types of payment requisitions:

  1. Staff reimbursement
  2. Invoice
  3. Credit Card
  4. Petty Cash

Staff reimbursements, invoices, and credit cards are processed through PaperSave. Petty cash requests are processed on paper.

Guide to PaperSave


PaperSave is a robust document management and payment requisition workflow solution. It allows us to remotely submit documents electronically for review by managers/directors, and ultimately, for processing by fiscal. It also significantly reduces our paper usage. Staff reimbursements, invoices, and credit cards are processed through PaperSave.


  1. How to set up a new PaperSave user
  2. How to enter documents into PaperSave
  3. How to process documents
  4. How to approve documents in PaperSave (for approvers)
  5. PaperSave tips

1. How to Set Up a New PaperSave User

To setup a new PaperSave user, email the PaperSave admin to request setup. The current admin is Dustin Cole who can be reached at or Ext. 5214.  Setup can take 1-3 days and will include an install of PaperSave Workflow and a shortcut folder on the user’s desktop.

2. How to Enter Documents into PaperSave

There are two methods to enter documents into PaperSave.

  1. Drop a PDF (e.g., invoice, scanned receipt, backup docs) into your shortcut folder. Your shortcut folder should be located on your desktop and be titled “PS – YOURNAME – Shortcut.”
  2. Scan a document directly into PaperSave from your network scanner. On your scanner will be a shortcut titled “PS – YOURNAME”. Simply select this shortcut and scan away.

papersave entry

3. How to Process Documents in PaperSave

Once you get a document into PaperSave, it’s processing time. Open PaperSave Workflow. This is the application to view, process and review payment requisitions. To process a document, you must “Code” it. (PaperSave calls the first submitter the “Coder.”) To code a document, navigate to the Coding workflow step: Filter > New Invoice Workflow > Coding. Most of you will work exclusively in the Coding step.

If you’re wondering what the other steps are, they are parts of the review process. Your document goes through quite a journey before being attached to a general ledger record. For the curious, the workflow looks like this:

Coding > Review > Sign (Joe or JHS) > Accounts Payable (Ms Yoon) > Electronic Document Archive

After navigating to the proper workflow step, select your document. Then fill out the document profile fields and hit “Approve”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.25.27 AM

Document Profile Guide

Coder – Hey, that’s you!

Approver – That dude who thinks he knows better than you.

Dollar amount – That thing you don’t make enough of.

Pay to – This is the vendor or whomever received or will receive payment. If you are processing a credit card transaction, then enter the vendor whom you paid. If this is a staff reimbursement request, fill in the staff member’s name.

Account and Project Table – Click the “Update Account and Project Table” button to open the fields above for Account Code, Project Code and Amount.  Enter the Account Code and Project Code. If you don’t know the codes, use the magnifying glass to look up the proper code. Hit “Update Data” (top left, fourth in the row) to finish.

Credit Card Type – Self explanatory. Please leave blank if not processing a credit card transaction.

Credit Card Transaction Date – Same as above

Purpose and Description – A required field. What is the expense and why is it needed?

Comments – If you have any comments, enter here. Comments can be instructions to Fiscal, such as where to mail a check, or what attribute to ascribe to a transaction.

Doc Type – Choose between Staff Reimbursement, Invoice, Credit Card Charge and Petty Cash. Please read Petty Cash instructions below. Petty Cash is selected and submitted into PaperSave only by a Petty Cash Administrator (listed below).

After you’ve filled out the document profile, hit the APPROVE icon near the top left corner of the screen. (Or as Hari calls it, the “facebook-like button.”) This will send your document along the approval chain.

After finishing processing a document in PaperSave, if it is an original paper receipt, follow the Paper Receipt Storage PolicyEach site will have a designated paper receipts file cabinet with folders labeled by month. After original paper receipts and invoices are entered into PaperSave, put the receipt in your site’s receipts folder immediately after entering it.

4. How to Approve Documents in PaperSave (For Approvers)

If you are an approver or signer, you will receive an email notice at noon every day when there are documents in need of processing. To review and approve a document, open PaperSave Workflow, navigate to the Review/Sign step (Home > Filter > Workflow: New_Invoice > Workflow Step: Review/Signer). Then review the document and approve or reject. Rejected items will be sent back to the previous step and an email will be sent to the owner that they have an item to process.

5. PaperSave tips

  • You can combine multiple requests into one document if the vendor is the same. For example, if you need a staff reimbursement and have 10 receipts, process them all together. Or if you’re paying Parallel Play for two invoices, put those two invoices together.
  • Ms. Yoon cuts checks every Monday morning. To ensure that your requests get to her by then, please submit your payment requests no later than Thursday. This will allow your reviewer to approve the document on Friday, and the signer to approve on Monday morning. You can expedite the process by pestering your approver, but that should be an exception, and not a regular practice.
  • You cannot view documents that are currently in the system, but you can view documents that have finished processing. To do so, navigate to the “Entered” workflow step in PaperSave Workflow (Home > Filter > Workflow: New_Invoice > Workflow Step: Entered). This will give you a list of all of your past submissions. This can be helpful if you want to see what Account ID you used on a past invoice, or if you’ve forgotten if you’ve submitted an invoice or not. If you desperately need to know where your item in PaperSave is, Dustin Cole or Ms. Yoon can locate your document in PaperSave. In a real pinch, Joe St John can do so as well, but request from him at your own peril. You’ve been warned.
  • If you initially don’t see your invoice in PaperSave, make sure the Coding step is selected.Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 5.48.08 PM


Guide to Petty Cash

Petty Cash is used for minor expenses under $30, such as office supplies, snacks and delivery tips.

Petty cash is submitted on paper to your local petty cash administrator. Fill out the Petty Cash voucher, attach receipts, and submit. Please use correct Accounts Codes and Project IDs. Because we will need to scan documents, please do your part to prepare documents for scanning. Do not use staples, and use plenty of tape when attaching receipts.

Petty cash administrators are:

KOA – Dustin
Wilton – Mihae/Ernie
Menlo – Ernie
Pico – Brenda
Crenshaw – Bella

Petty cash administrators: Please follow the Petty Cash Policies and Procedures.