January 2021

January 15, 2022

Koreatown Storytelling Program Awarded National Arts Grant

KYCC has been approved for a $20,000 Grants for Arts Projects award by The National Endowment for the Arts, to support the Koreatown Storytelling Program, an oral history and community journalism program. “The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to support arts projects like this one from KYCC that help support the community’s creative economy,” said NEA Acting Chair Ann Eilers. “KYCC in Los Angeles is among the arts organizations nationwide that are using the arts as a source of strength, a path to well-being, and providing access and opportunity for people to connect and find joy through the arts.” Read more

KYCC Plants 14 Trees with UPS Volunteers

On October 23, 2021, KYCC staff, community volunteers and the amazing employee volunteers at UPS, got together to plant 14 trees in Country Club Park, Los Angeles. UPS employees were excited to roll up their sleeves and grab a shovel! KYCC’s Environmental Services team created a fun, hands-on and meaningful learning experience for this enthusiastic UPS volunteer group. Read more

Preventing Underage Drinking During the Holidays

On December 15, 2021, KYCC’s Prevention Education placed over 500 stickers on alcoholic beverages in two liquor stores for the 2021 holidays. The stickers read “Did you know? Purchasing or providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is a serious crime.” The stickers aim to inform, educate and remind community members on the consequences of selling and providing alcohol to underage youth. Read more

Redistricting UPDATE:

Koreatown is UNIFIED in a single district across all levels of government!

Every 10 years, after the federal government publishes updated census information, California must redraw the boundaries of its Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and State Board of Equalization, County, City Council, and School Board districts, so that the districts correctly reflect the state’s population.

After a grueling year of active participation, Koreatown is finally unified in a single district from the local to federal districts. Local (City and County) district lines take effect as of January 1, 2022 but State and Federal take effect after the completion of the current elected term. Please take a moment to review the new districts for your residence and KYCC. The new lines will be enforced for the next 10 years.  

Elected Representatives for KYCC – KOA Building 

  • LA City Council – Council District 10 – Karly Katona (Caretaker)
  • LA County – District 2 – Holly Mitchell
  • State Assembly – Miguel Santiago – NEW District 54
  • State Senate – Maria Elena Durazo – NEW District 24
  • U.S. House – Jimmy Gomez – NEW District 34

Take a closer look at the NEW maps:

FREE COVID-19 Testing in Koreatown (Walk-In)

Anderson Munger Family YMCA is offering FREE walk-in (no appointment necessary) COVID-19 testing for the Koreatown community. 

Parking: Meter Parking or $1 Structure Parking

Birthdays and KYCC Anniversaries


  • January 1 – Shawn Kuk
  • January 4 – Joanna Farias
  • January 8 – Jackie Aguirre
  • January 8 – Liz Cho
  • January 13 – Valerie Mireles
  • January 13 – Yancy Mauricio
  • January 17 – Danielle Joo
  • January 19 – Isaac Hong
  • January 19 – Seungmin Jackson
  • January 25 – Hye Won Baek
  • January 27 – Jerome Williams
  • January 27 – Ronald Aquino
  • January 27 – Steve Kang
  • January 28 – Tristan Kim
  • December 5 – Nicholas Creason
  • December 6 – Cehila Santiago
  • December 6 – Evelyn Balderas
  • December 8 – Melanie To
  • December 10 – Moses Choi
  • December 13 – Sagar Patel
  • December 15 – Angelic Perez
  • December 17 – Alejandra Valdez
  • December 19 – Lisa Kim
  • December 20 – Ronald Malone
  • December 22 – Ace Anaya
  • December 22 – Arthur Cho
  • December 28 – Deonna Perry
  • December 28 – Vincent Gordon
  • December 30 – Jonathan Diaz

Work Anniversaries

  • January 26 – 6 years – Lidia Sebastian
  • January 22 – 4 years – Chinyoung Farrey
  • January 22 – 3 years – Hanna Yi
  • January 23 – 3 years – Xochi Vazquez
  • January 21 – 2 years – Liz Kim
  • January 1 – 8 years – Katherine Kim
  • January 27 – 2 years – Danielle Joo
  • December 2 – 2 years – Andy Lau
  • December 10 – 8 years – Sung Lee
  • December 11 – 4 years – Jazmin Garcia
  • December 16 – 2 years – Aragas Mandani
  • December 16 – 8 years – Grace Park

Did you know…

You can get rid of old files and binders and records and make your office look stylish again?

KYCC has storage in a building on Western, and we can store your old documents there.

Now you know!

“The dog ate my homework”

How did the dog become your teacher’s problem?

When we’re actively enrolled in a journey, it’s on us. That’s the requirement once you choose to act professionally. You know the terms, the dates, the structure. It wasn’t even fine print. It’s simply the structure you agreed to be part of.

Of course, enrollment is frightening. Because enrollment confers responsibility. “This is something I’m choosing to do.”

Compulsory education doesn’t often lead to real learning. That’s because compulsory education is coerced. There’s no active enrollment.

For the rest of us, there’s the chance to engage and to move forward. And part of the journey is acknowledging that we have a dog, that life gets in the way, that it’s never the ideal moment or the perfect time. And then doing something about it.

Leaping isn’t easy, but it’s far better and safer than the alternative.

–          Seth’s Blog

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