November 2021

November 16, 2021

Join us for KYCC’s Virtual Concert!

Mark your calendars for our virtual benefit concert, Koreatown Stands: COVID-19 Recovery and Stop Asian Hate!

We encourage all staff to tune in TOMORROW, November 18 at 6 p.m. PDT. The concert will be streamed on KYCC’s Youtube channel. The virtual event will feature performances by Shawn Stockman, Tres Souls, Chuthis, Insooni, and Kim Tae Woo, along with exciting giveaways and special guests!

Click here for a social media toolkit to share about the concert with your friends and family.

KYCC’s Table Top Campaign (TTC) Prepares for Halloween

The Coalition for Prevention and Awareness in LA Metro (CoPALM) and KYCC’s Table Top Campaign collaborated with 14 restaurants and bars to launch the Table Top Campaign for the 2021 Halloween holiday. Table Top Campaign disseminated approximately 900 coasters with anti-drunk driving messaging in English and Spanish. Read more

Kids Town Completes 2-year Renovation

Our Kids Town preschool has finished their 2-year renovation of the exterior facade, interior lobby and playground turf. The new exterior front of the school now has a bright green mural and a new extruded aluminum sign that reads “Kids Town.” Read more

KYCC Attends Private Gold Open Screening of “Shang-Chi” at CGV Cinemas

KYCC families and friends were invited to an exclusive private screening of the “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” hosted by Gold House and CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) on September 19 at the CGV Cinemas in Koreatown. Read more

City of LA’s Ready Your Neighborhood Emergency Management Program

Check out the City of LA’s Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) Program. RYLAN is designed to help you, your family, and your neighborhood prepare for disaster. Learn about tools to prepare and organize your neighborhood to respond together after a disaster to reduce injuries, protect your property and the environment, and most importantly, save lives. Visit @readyla or for more information. 

Recruitment for Asian American Colorectal Cancer Study

Emory University’s School of Nursing is conducting a research study on “A Technology-based Colorectal Cancer Support Program for Asian American Women.”

Emory University is looking for an Asian American woman aged 21 years and older who has had a colorectal cancer diagnosis in the past; can read and write English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean or Japanese; have access to the Internet; and identify their sub-ethnicity as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. 

Eligible participants who agree to join the study will be randomly assigned to two groups. Depend on their assigned groups, each participant will ask to 1) use the educational information, or 2) participate the online forum and 1:1 coaching/support program for three months. Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire for three times. After the program is finished, each participant will receive $50 reimbursement. 

If you know of any participants who might be interested please contact (404) 424-3963 or 

Birthdays and KYCC Anniversaries


  • November 2 – Jenni Kuida
  • November 2 – Torin Yee
  • November 3 – Silvia Ramirez
  • November 7 – Ernesto Navarro
  • November 10 – Audrey Casillas
  • November 11 – Bertha Ledesma
  • November 13 – Celina Mendez
  • November 14 – Charisee Williams
  • November 14 – Jin Rhee
  • November 18 – Cristina Velazquez
  • November 19 – Hadrian Panaroma
  • November 20 – Wayne Sugita
  • November 21 – Hanna Yi
  • November 22 – Jenny Park
  • November 23 – Gennesis Jerez
  • November 24 – Bitna Lee
  • November 22 – Johng Ho Song
  • November 29 – Brian Saenz
  • November 22 – Jenny Park
  • November 23 – Gennesis Jerez
  • November 24 – Bitna Lee
  • October 1 – Erica Aldana
  • October 1 – Gina Ahn
  • October 8 – Alberto Soria
  • October 9 – Chinyoung Farrey
  • October 13 – Connie Rodriguez
  • October 14 – Hanna Kim
  • October 22 – Kai Keevil
  • October 24 – Sarah Jho

Work Anniversaries

  • November 1 – 4 years – Peaches Chung
  • November 9 – 1 year – Alexa Kim
  • November 12 – 2 years – Hye Won Baek
  • November 13 – 2 years – Lydia Lising
  • November 16 – 22 years – Miguel Lopez
  • November 21 – 5 years – Jin Rhee
  • November 26 – 3 years – Hanna Kim
  • November 26 – 3 years – Melanie To
  • November 30 – 12 years – Yun Pak
  • October 1 – 2 years – Mi Joung Park
  • October 3 – 5 years – Rudy Fortiz
  • October 4 – 17 years – Ernie Yoshikawa
  • October 14 – 2 years – Marcella Lively
  • October 14 – 17 years – Tommy Rendon
  • October 17 – 16 years – Luz Favela
  • October 18 – 15 years – Audrey Casillas
  • October 21 – 2 years – Ellie Kim
  • October 21 – 2 years – Seungmin Jackson
  • October 28 – 2 years – Upasana Pandey
  • October 29 – 14 years – Nayon Kang

Did you know…

We use Proofpoint to protect KYCC from spam and malicious links. It catches both known and unknown malicious threats.

When Proofpoint is uncertain whether an email is spam, it will separate it and send you a quarantine message.

You can block the message and sender or preview it safely in quarantine.

Or you can release it from quarantine and into your inbox, or even release it and approve the sender, so they bypass the quarantine next time.

You can also sign in to your account and see your blocked sender and approved sender lists. Some of it is hard to read, but it’s there for you.

Now you know!

The thing about the oxygen mask 

It feels odd to hear the flight attendants remind us to put on our own mask before helping others. That’s backward, isn’t it?

The theory is that if you can’t breathe, it’s probable that you’re going to have a hard time lending a hand.

In our daily lives, the oxygen mask might be metaphorical, and the insecurity/threat might be invented, but it still feels real.

It’s worth remembering that the next time someone doesn’t act in a way you expect. It might be that they’re having a little trouble on their own, trouble you might not even be aware of.

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